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About Us

The FOTO-FARM places then ’seeds‘ and ‚fruits‘ from our cameras to the right fields on the website and social media channels. Our goal is giving them the right Environment to groand deliver them to the people out there who appreciate fresh and amazing photographs.

We are a bunch of photographers, or farmers,  who are very passionate about catching the right moment and taking the perfect Picture.

If you are interested in using one or some of our well grown plants, drop us a mail: info@fotofarm.net, or follow us on:


The Farmers:

Marcus Nettelbeck
Internet: www.nettelbeck.photo


Martin Becker
Internet: https://www.the-addict.com


Uwe Heruth
Instagram: #macaloni


Albert Maes
Instagram: #albert_maes


Alex Dumpling
Instagram: #alexdumplig

Michael Fuhrmeister
Instagram: #michael.fuhrmeister.photograph

Ralf Scherer
Internet: www.ralfscherer.com
Instagram: #rallebuzz
Facebook: Ralf Scherer Photography

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