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LichtKunstTore Bochum at Daytime

‘The project KunstLichtTore aims to highlight the urban structure of Bochum’s city center by using light installations at the “entrance gates” to the city center. These are the bridges within the “Gleisdreieck”, which includes the inner city of Bochum and below which the connecting routes lead to the city ring. In the meantime, eleven of these concepts have already been implemented, and another five will follow in the next few years.’ (Source: www.bochum.de)

This project is about showing all 16 bridges at daytime (part 1) and illuminated at night (part 2). Walking this triangle and taking pictures takes around 3-4 hours. Beside finding unexpected details of the artwork at the bridges, the tour leads through different areas of the inner city of Bochum which are exciting to explore.

From the nice villas around the ‘Stadtpark’ over the crowdy streets around the central station over the partyzone of the so called ‘Bermudadreieck’ to streets where you better hide your camera…


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